Other People’s Perception of You is None of Your Business

Other people’s perception of you, is none of your business

Keep Shining, don’t you dare dim your light says Lisa Nicholas, world-renowned motivational speaker and bestselling author. Too often we are blinded by what other people tell us, about who we are or who we are not. What we can do or what we can’t do. The judgments and prejudices and their inability to see, blinds us to our path, to the journey awaiting us, to the million possibilities we can become. We are afraid to love, to laugh and live the way we want to, because of other’s options and judgments. Use your own mind, use your own eyes, and follow your heat.

“Other people’s perception of you is none of your business.
Everything you have ever been through,
sat through, rose through, cried through, prayed through,
everything is a set-up for your next best season.
And the way you forgive the perceivingly unforgivable,
the way you love the perceivingly unlovable,
the way you accept what seems to be unacceptable,
the way you embrace after you have been betrayed
the way you do that is the way you will lead us.
Your light belongs to everyone who will be illuminated
because you were bold enough and obedient enough to let your light shine.”

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Keep shining dear ones.




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