Acting today, a past of honour and a future of hope.

We want to be able to look back on our past actions with honour.

But, if we feel regret, guilt, remorse on our past actions there in lies our greatest teacher showing us exactly the difference between actions that bring honour and actions that brings regret, guilt and remorse. An attachment to the regret, guilt and remorse stops you from acting today. An awareness of the rise of those emotions empowers us to break the habits and patterns that repeat such actions.

The past is a collection of stories we keep telling ourselves. Either we repeat the same story and engrave the story in our mind or we keep adding and deleting bits of the story. Some of us find new story lines in the old story. We reinterpret the stories and find new meaning in the story.

The future is a collection of fairy stories, that we keep making up. We keep dreaming these up, and as we go along we either add to them or delete and edit the story.

This is normal and natural. Often it is useful. Past stories teach us. Future stories empower us.

But past and future stories can also paralyze us. The trick is not to forget to learn from the past stories and not to forget to act today with that learning, to make the future story become a reality. Ultimately we need to hold both these stories lightly, with love and humour.

There is no better time like the present to act with honour, and bring the future in to being.

Wishing you honourable actions today,