Reflection on “Think Oblique …”

Goals worth pursuing cannot be defined too rigidly, for example like happiness or peace or intimate relationships. It is the journey itself that lets us discover the nature and form of the goal, as each step brings us closer to it, it also changes and evolves. The moment you frame it too rigidly and give it an end point its not worth pursuing. It limits the creativity, the possibilities, the opportunities and the wonder of the journey in discovering.

Even company goals are like this. Profit goals are stagnant and limiting. But business goals that are linked to something higher than profit goals are inspiring and empowering and still allow you to achieve profit goals.

Getting stuck in to rigid plans, contains us and cripples our ability to respond intuitively and strategically to changing complex landscapes. If we allow ourselves to be tuned into the complexity and accept that we really have only a very limited view and understanding of what is really happening at any given time, we are more open to seeing things.

So, think again when you are doing your strategic planning session. What are you doing to keep the plans simple and clear to implement on a day to day basis, while being open to change plans and evolve goals as the landscape changes?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating that we don’t plan. I am advocating that we don’t get attached to the plans. Create a strong intention of what you would like to see happening, and yes, you can even define measurement criteria to evaluate whether you have achieved it or not, just don’t get attached to it.

Be open.
Learn. Evolve. Transform.